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The Movie Hole

"Jurassic World" Trailer

JJ Mortimer

This actually looks like a promising film.  But, there are a few questions I have:


1)  Why and how are raptors seemingly working alongside humans?

2)  What kind of creature was that giant water dinosaur (not Megalodon)?

3)  Will the T-rex be THE badass of the movie (unlike the giant missed opportunity of the third film)?

4)  Interested to hear on anyone's interpretation of what the "genetically modified" dinosaur is.

5)  Does anyone else notice a similar vibe to the film "Aliens" with the shot of Bryce Dallas Howard holding a flare?

6)  Will the body count finally exceed that of "The Lost World" (which had 14 kills)?

7)  What fucking idiot was it who decided that making a giant, man-and-other-dinosaur-eating behemoth was a good idea, let alone in a park full of Disney World-like inhabitants?