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PIC:  Ben Affleck as Batman in "Man of Steel" sequel

The Movie Hole

PIC: Ben Affleck as Batman in "Man of Steel" sequel

JJ Mortimer

Ben Affleck as Batman, standing next to his Batmobile in the soon-to-start shooting "Man of Steel" sequel.  All the casting rumors and anger that followed Affleck getting the lead as The Batman in the Zack Snyder-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced sequel to 2013's Superman reboot, "Man of Steel", may get a bit lessened now that we get our first still from the pre-production. 

Honestly, I like the look so far.  The suit is part Nolan-"Dark Knight" fashion, part old-school Bob Kane "Batman" comic.  The ride also looks like a hybrid of the Nolan-verse Tumbler, mixed with the Burton '89 Batmobile.  Granted, Affleck's chin is hard to miss, and if anyone who is friends with Bruce Wayne can't tell that that's Wayne in the bat costume because of the chin alone is a horrible detective.  Just for fun, they should have cast Matt Damon as Commissioner Gordon.

Speaking of casting and angers involved, I'm still not sold on Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.  I still think they should have just pulled Gene Hackman's 80-year old body out of retirement and recast him as Superman's arch-nemesis.  He was what made the Richard Donner original so, so great.