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The Movie Hole

My perception on movie reviews

JJ Mortimer

I have to take a moment to make a comment on how much I dislike your typical movie critic.  Too many of them strive to be eloquent beyond normal measures, using words that are too big for any average person to use on a regular basis.  What this does, in my perspective, is have a negative affect on just how intelligent they seem to be; in retrospect, they often appear as though they paid for a membership to a free thesaurus website.

Another aspect that gives me the shits is just how some critics strive to look for negative aspects to a motion picture.  I get the impression sometimes that many critics are too full of themselves and their thesaurus app on their phone to actually admit that they enjoyed a film from a viewer's standpoint.  Critic or not, you are still a moviegoer, and it is not a sacrilege to actually sit back and enjoy your fucking time in an air conditioned auditorium from time to time.

So from here on out, at the end of all my movie reviews (if my memory allows me to remember), I will summarize my often long-winded review with a quick summary, and include a positives and negatives portion.  If I watch a film and cannot in that moment find anything immediate that was negative about the film, I will not spend more than twenty seconds thinking about it and will then leave that section blank.  If I actually have to spend time thinking of something negative to say about a film I thoroughly enjoyed, then the film makers did something right.

The reviews I post are from my own perspective, and very, very rarely, will I ever alter my point-of-view on a motion picture based on how someone else may interpret the film (i.e. downgrade a review because someone else might get "offended" by the material in the film).  It is in my nature to give a from-the-hip review that is not altered from too much time and too many viewings to think about shit that really doesn't matter or alters my enjoyment (or anyone else's possible enjoyment, for that matter) of the film.