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Movie Review - "Edge of Tomorrow"

The Movie Hole

Movie Review - "Edge of Tomorrow"

JJ Mortimer

Another well-produced motion picture starring Tom Cruise.  Intriguing, humorous, well-acted, with a bit of thought-provoking material.  Similar in vein to "Groundhog Day", but with more of a science-fiction touch rather than fantasy.  The timing of the release of this film was also intentional, with its shadows of the events of D-Day in World War II.

There is an easy comparison to be made to "Groundhog Day" with the concept of this film, but where that film hinged it's 'repeating day' concept in the realm of fantasy, "Edge of Tomorrow" strives to have an actual reason as to why Tom Cruise's character is repeating the same two days over and over again.

In the near future, the world is invaded by tentacled, metallic/organic aliens known as "Mimics".  A somewhat unlikable and cowardly Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is forced to take part in an invasion against the alien "Mimics" on the shores of France.  He is more of a war "advertiser", not a soldier.  As an American officer, he dismisses this order from an English general, which sees him shocked unconscious and stripped of his rank.  He awakes on the grounds of a military base where he is forced into active duty with a bunch of grunts.  By the next morning, and within five minutes of landing on the shores of France, he is dead.

Then he wakes up exactly exactly where he was the day before, being barked at by a sergeant (played by a welcome Bill Paxton) and seeing the exact same events unfold before him.  Over and over this occurs, until he meets a woman hero on the battle field, Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who tells him to "find me when you wake up" before being blown to pieces, as well as Cage himself.  Again he awakes, and meets the woman on the base before the invasion to find out the truths behind what is happening to him, and figuring out how to stop it and attempt to save the world.

Tom Cruise again shows his keen eye for quality material.  Director Doug Liman has a good track record of keeping his films entertaining throughout, and "Edge of Tomorrow" is no different.  The film doesn't quite explain some of the intricacies of "restarting the day", and whether alternate timelines occur or if, after Major Cage dies, the timeline he was just in doesn't just end as well.  Just thinking about that concept makes my head hurt, but the film benefits from not trying to explain that conundrum.  Instead, it relies on the chemistry between Cruise and Emily Blunt, and leaves a few ideas open to mind as to how many times Cruise may have lived these days, or what things he may have done within them.  Again, similar thoughts were engaged upon watching "Groundhog Day", but this film tries for a more 'logical' approach and succeeds on the sci-fi front. 

"Edge of Tomorrow" doesn't have the emotional impact of "Groundhog Day", but that wasn't necessarily what it was striving for.  Though, it couldn't have hurt to have felt a little more loss from Tom Cruise after spending so much time learning about Emily Blunt's character day to day.

Oh, and some of Tom Cruise's deaths are funny as shit.