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The Movie Hole

Box Office Actuals - June 12-14

JJ Mortimer

As expected, the box office was on fire this weekend, but not as much for the two big opening movies as other "professionals" in the box office analyst department had predicted.

I believed How to Train Your Dragon 2 would have killed it during the weekend days, but it fell from Friday to Saturday, just as I had expected 22 Jump Street to do (as it did).  Both films performed admirably, but Dragon is considered a disappointment for 20th Century Fox.  Amazing how making $49 million dollars in three days can be considered a "disappointment" in our time.  On the other hand, 22 Jump Street performed almost EXACTLY as I had predicted, but I did not see it coming in first place.  Perhaps some more advertising would have helped Dragon.

Here are the actual numbers, compared to the predictions I had before the weekend:


1)  "22 Jump Street" - $57 million / 55 million

               Apparently more people wanted the word "fuck" than a cute dragon.

2)  "How to Train Your Dragon 2" - $49 million / 72 million

              I was waaaay fucking off.  I had better hope for a kid's movie this weekend, especially a sequel to a movie that a lot of people claim to "love" and "adore" like their first born child.  Hell, I liked the first one.

3)  "Maleficent" - $18.5 million / 17 million

4)  "Edge of Tomorrow" - $16.5 million / 13.5 million

5)  "The Fault in Our Stars" - $14.8 million / 21 million

              Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie held up extremely well compared to the cancer book adaptation.  As I had predicted, Fault in Our Stars was very front-loaded with a bunch of chicks going out last weekend to wipe out their Kleenex supply and drag their poor boyfriends into growing a vagina.  I just didn't expect it to drop more than 69% in its second week.  That's pretty fucking depressing, just like I'm sure the movie is.

6)  "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - $9.8 million / 7.2 million

7)  "Godzilla" - $3.3 million / 3.2 million

8)  "A Million Ways to Die in the West" - $3.2 million / 4.1 million

9)  "Neighbors" - $2.3 million / 3.6 million

10)  "Chef" - $2.2 million / didn't even have it in the Top 10 prediction

11)  "Blended" - $1.7 million / $2.1 million


Some of my predictions were pretty damn close, but How to Train Your Dragon 2 underperformed to almost every standard.  22 Jump Street was right on par with expectations, while Maleficent and Edge of Tomorrow did better than expected.  Older movies held up pretty well this weekend, which is encouraging for word-of-mouth (especially in the case of Edge of Tomorrow  and Chef).