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The Movie Hole

Box Office Actuals - May 30-June 1

JJ Mortimer

Box Office WINNER: "Maleficent"

Box Office LOSER: "A Million Ways to Die in the West"

My predictions were WAY fucking off this week for everything BUT "Maleficent."  Again, I shot high on its opening (much higher than many forecasters had predicted) and got pretty damn close.  But my prediction on "A Million Ways to Die in the West" was so far out into left field (thinking it was going to have one of the biggest openings ever for a western-set movie) that if I were a meteorologist, I would have said "mostly cloudy with a chance of sun", and here be a hurricane.

Either way, it was a good weekend for movies, but I'm hoping it picks up a little more next week with the opening of the Tom Cruise flick, "Edge of Tomorrow" - a film I'm greatly anticipating.

Here are the ACTUALS (with my predictions following):

1)  "Maleficent" - $69.4 million / 74 million

                I bet the majority of that money was from dads taking their daughters to see Angelina Jolie.  "Don't worry honey," the dad would say.  "I have no problem taking our daughter to see...the....Jolie...err, MOVIE."

2)  "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - $32.6 million / 39 million

               Second week for "X-Men" saw a 64% drop from its opening weekend, showing that despite really good word-of-mouth, the film is still playing out like a front-loaded sequel.

3)  "A Million Ways to Die in the West" - $16.8 million / 43 million

              People are apparently more interested in Seth MacFarlane's voice than they are with his face (despite the fact that I felt he did a decent job in the film).

4)  "Godzilla" - $12 million / 13 million

              "Godzilla" has accumulated $174 million to date, which is fantastic, but after the tremendous opening weekend it had three weekends ago, the film just doesn't have the staying power that Warner Bros. was expecting.

5) "Blended" - $8.14 million / 7.1 million

6) "Neighbors" - $8.1 million / 7.5 million

7) "The Amazing Spider-Shit #2" - $3.8 million / 4.2 million

             The fifth Spider-Man film will end its run as the lowest-grossing, lowest ticket-selling entry in the series.  Judging by the majority of feedback from audiences, hopefully this will give Sony a swift kick in the ass to focus the story down a little more on ONE or TWO fleshed out villains, and more screen time to Spidey.  But, with a build-up to a "Sinister Six" storyline, we are likely to see too many villains, and too little time for "Spider-Man".  Or too much Peter Parker, and too little time spent on villains.  Either way, director Mark Webb will continue to fuck up the franchise further than Sam Raimi ever could do with his "Spider-Emo-Man 3".