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The Movie Hole

Box Office Actuals - June 20-22

JJ Mortimer

Could this picture be even more obviously and purposefully culturally diverse?

Could this picture be even more obviously and purposefully culturally diverse?


There were no real winners this week.  This was a very weak week for a week in June.  Ah, the poetry.

Anyway, this summer is shaping up to be pretty lackluster, but namely in terms of potential money being made.  I think, overall, the quality of films will be particularly better than most other summers.  It's just a little disheartening when a weekend in June, a huge summer moment, is headlined by a moderately-reviewed movie version of a fantastically-reviewed stage play, and a completely unnecessary sequel to a movie with a title that could be confused for a dozen other films.

Overall, the weekend was slow with many older films taking in the majority of the money.  My predictions were pretty close, at least closer than the past couple weeks.  Jersey Boys opened like a typical Clint Eastwood film (though was reviewed with a lot less luster than many of his films of the past decade), and Think Like a Man Too performed a little less than the first film, which isn't much of a surprise considering it's a Kevin Hart cash grab.


1)  "Think Like a Man Too" - $29.2 million / 38 million

             Let's face it, this just isn't what you'd expect a "summer" movie to be.  This is a spring movie, at best.  I don't care how good or bad it is, this just isn't the kind of movie that people rush out to see.

2)  "22 Jump Street" - $27.5 million / 30 million

3)  "How to Train Your Dragon 2" - $24.7 million / 29.5 million

4)  "Jersey Boys" - $13.3 million / 16.5 million

5)  "Maleficent" - $12.9 million / 9.8 million

6)  "Edge of Tomorrow" - $9.8 million / 8.5 million

            Both Maleficent and Edge of Tomorrow are holding up really well week to week.  Edge, while performing pretty well considering it opened below Tom Cruise's standards, won't make it's money back domestically.  Warner Bros. had better hope that Asians really like it.

7)  "The Fault in Our Stars" - $8.6 million / 7.1 million

8)  "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - $6.2 million

           X-Men is right behind the second Captain America and The Amazing Spider-Shit 2 for being the biggest film worldwide so far this year.  Transformers will eat that spot up pretty soon.

9)  "Godzilla" - $1.9 million

10)  "Chef" - $1.7 million