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The Movie Hole

More movies with tanks - please (updated, with TRAILER)

JJ Mortimer

Every year should have at least one really big, really good war movie.  Last year got Lone Survivor, 2001 had Black Hawk Down, and 1998 had Saving Private Ryan.  Now, since 1998 and the release of the Spielberg-directed epic (and the film that should have won Best Picture at the Oscars...fucking Shakespeare in Love), there was an over-saturation of not just war movies, but WWII-themed motion pictures.  Many of them were forgettable.

We are finally in a year where the genre slowed down a bit, and is ready for a resurgence - as long as the right quality is put in.  Quentin Tarantino gave us the best script of his career (and arguably his best film to date) with Inglourious Basterds in 2008, but too many years have gone by without another really good WWII film.  This year's The Monuments Men was good and well-meaning, but not the level of war movie I want to see.

This November, we get the Brad Pitt-starring Fury, about an Army sergeant commanding a Sherman tank behind enemy lines.  That's all I needed to read and I was on board.  The movie is directed by David Ayer, who has a better track record as a script writer than he does as a director (I marginally enjoyed this year's Sabotage, but he scored big by writing and directing End of Watch).  I feel (and hope) that this is the film that truly breaks him out of his shell.  I have no doubt that Brad Pitt wouldn't have taken the film had the script been sub par.  Like Tom Cruise, Pitt has a knack for working with good film makers and giving great performances in the process. 

The only downside to Fury is that Shia Lebeouf also stars in it.  Let's hope he takes a mortar to his douche face, splattering his skull goo all over the inside of the tank which the other soldiers will then refer to as "the new wallpaper".

Cool.  As.  Fuck.

Cool.  As.  Fuck.