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The Movie Hole

Box Office Actuals - June 6-8

JJ Mortimer

Box Office Winner:  "The Fault in Our Stars"


Box Office Runner-Up:  "Edge of Tomorrow"


As per the complete opposite of what I predicted, "The Fault in Our Stars" completely raped the competition, although it was heavily front-loaded and packed with teenagers.  Pun intended.

Tom Cruise's "Edge of Tomorrow" underperformed, but that shouldn't be a sign of its quality.  Too many good films are outperformed by other films opening the same weekend and get lost in the mix, and this film is exactly that case of an adult film being completely overshadowed by a lower-budget, young-adult centric tragic love story.  This was by the far the worst predicted weekend I have had so far this year.  And I make no apologies because fuck you, this is something I do for fun.

Here are the ACTUALS (with my predictions following):

1)  "The Fault in Our Stars" - $48 million / 19 million

2)  "Maleficent" - $34.3 million / 41 million (2nd week)

3)  "Edge of Tomorrow" - $28.8 million / 56 million

4)  "X-Men: Days of Future Past" - $15.2 million / 17 million (3rd week)

5)  "A Million Ways to Die in the West" -  $7.3 million / 7.5 million (2nd week - pretty accurate)

6)  "Godzilla" - $6.1 million / 7.5 million (4th week)