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The Movie Hole

Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

JJ Mortimer

What's sad about social media now is something we are all typically guilty of, and that is the "text remorse", or the appearance of soulless, thoughtless acknowledgement of someone's passing via quickly-written word.

Even I just posted about Robin Williams' death, but the thought of people trying to fit a certain amount of words into their Twitter post kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Literally, sick to my stomach. Gone are many of the days of poetry and song in remembrance of a life lost, especially of someone who touched so many in jest and comedy. It's very unfortunate that so many people will remember him today and tomorrow, but a week from now will be forgotten amongst the endless posts of people's lunch and "selfie" photos of new lipstick application.

I want to remember Robin Williams for all the great roles he played throughout the decades, and especially in the late 80s-90s. His Oscar-winning role in "Good Will Hunting" will always remain one of his best.

For the next couple weeks I want to review a few of his finer roles, or ones that touched me the most with his impressive ability at both comedy and heartfelt drama. Until then, let's remember the man for who he was, and pray for the family and friends who were closest to him. Remember him and how he extended his ability to entertain through the television screen and the silver screen so effortlessly and eloquently.

Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. Pan the Man.

"To die would be a grand adventure." - Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook

"To live would be an awfully big adventure." - Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook