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The Movie Hole

A picture for "Return of the Jedi" fans

JJ Mortimer

After the recent accident on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII involving Harrison Ford and the door of the Millennium Falcon breaking his ankle (a piece of news that is all kinds of HOLY SHIT in terms of awesomeness and "damn, that sucks"), production of the major cast went into hiatus.  The crew (led by director J.J. Abrams) decided to shoot scenes that didn't involve Han Solo in the time it took for Ford to recover.

Anyway, cool photos have been coming out here and there from the production, and many of them got fans excited because of the fact that Abrams has decidedly gone "practical" with a lot of the effects, rather than an over-dominance of CGI (as with Lucas' lazy, dull-as-a-chess-game-with-a-blind-man prequels).  Full-size replicas were made of the aforementioned Millennium Falcon, as well as some other space vehicles and sets.

The one picture that got me the most excited wasn't even necessarily a photo from the production, but a simple photo of an actor partially in character.  It wasn't until this shot that it finally struck me that we are indeed getting a sequel to the original Star Wars trilogy.  This Episode VII is, indeed, an actual SEQUEL to Return of the Jedi.  If you were a fan of the films as a young child, let that thought sink into your mind and then accept the fact that these films are in decidedly better hands than when Lucas was at the helm for the unnecessary prequels (I keep bringing up their unfortunate shitiness because they are the cinematic equivalent of taking millions of dreams and having George Lucas grunting out a hard, constipated shit over all of them, while stealing their billions of dollars in return).

Here's Luke Skywalker himself, Mark fucking Hamill, sporting an Alec Guinness beard in his aged Jedi persona, standing outside the London studios where they are filming the true Star Wars sequel:

If you're at work, try not to soil your pants.