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A fifth "Rambo" film is in the works

The Movie Hole

A fifth "Rambo" film is in the works

JJ Mortimer

Sylvester Stallone just announced a title for his fifth (and final) Rambo film, called "Rambo:  Last Blood".  For those of you who know how big of a Stallone fan I am (and how much the story of his career helped shape me into the film lover I am today), this is actually pretty awesome.  The fourth film, 2008s simply-titled "Rambo", was surprisingly brutal and effective in its condensed 90-minute run time, and in a decade of unnecessary sequels, remakes, and reboots, that film was pretty relevant to his character.

I'm hoping that this last film keeps his character grounded, but takes him out of the confines of solitude.  It is reported that the film will continue where the fourth left off, with him back in the states and combating a Mexican drug cartel.  The cool thing is, Stallone manages to fill his stories with real-world issues, but ones that aren't "number one" on the media's front page news.  The fourth film focused on the tribulations facing the people of Burma, in which a critic famously questioned Stallone on his choice of location and how it isn't "relevant" in today's Middle-East-infested news stories.  Stallone responded that (paraphrasing) "just because it's not in the news doesn't mean it isn't an important issue in our world."  The same can be said with the drug cartels and the violence they present from Mexico and into American borders.

"Last Blood" was written by Stallone, and he will again serve as producer and director.  Expect it to start filming this year, with a release some time in 2016.