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"Fear the Walking Dead" Review - EPISODE 2

The Movie Hole

"Fear the Walking Dead" Review - EPISODE 2

JJ Mortimer

As predicted, they killed Principal Obama this week in yet another cliche-filled episode of the spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead (Episode II - Attack of the Drones), a show that somehow to me is beginning to feel as though it is pretty self aware that it is a zombie show, yet still doesn't have the nerve for any of the characters to flat-out acknowledge what they are.

In this episode we get a teenage daughter freaking the fuck out because her mother is preventing her from helping a neighbor who is being attacked by a "zombie", yet when she approaches the mother about what is going on, the mother is surprisingly silent.  Great parenting - teach your kids proper conduct, manners, responsibility, and how to perform in society, yet keep your damn mouth shut when the kid questions why you are going against all of those things you taught them. 

Speaking of shitty parents, let's mention the kids again.  Could we please get a show where we don't hate the fucking teenage kids?  And this series is starting to become another example of a story driven by a constant barrage of really bad choices molded up into an epilogue of what I'm sure is to be yet another series of a "group of survivors in the wild, learning what it means to live in a world only slightly more dangerous than Mogadishu, circa 1993."

Back to bad choices and disrespectful child actions - can we NOT have any more kids hang up their phone when their parents are trying to tell them something extremely, life-savingly important?  When an adult essentially says, "Get the fuck away from that guy because his sickness will kill you", does the kid have to sit there and just look dumbfounded and angry at the parent?  I understand teenage rebellion - I was once a teenager, believe it or not - but would it kill show creators to, I don't know, ONCE A GENERATION, show a son or daughter that goes, "Yes sir" or "Yes ma'am, I will listen to everything you say" and then follow through with it?  If your show requires you to build tension or conflict via the obvious character tropes of cookie-cutter "teenage daughter/son", then your screenplay sucked from the start.  Or chewed, granted this is a zombie show and not a vampire show.

Twice this episode (TWICE) we had the commonplace "cell phone decides to stop working at an inopportune moment" or "cell phone reception breaks up for no reason, despite the characters standing in the exact same spot during the conversation".  I get irritated when that cliche' happens ONCE in a two-hour motion picture, let alone TWICE in a 42-minute episode of a television show.

And again, when a bleeding, groaning & slouching zombie stumbles his way toward you, and your still-alive companion pleads with you to run, WHY THE HELL would you walk TOWARD the zombie with an utterly confused look on your face, despite spending the previous day witnessing all of this shit going down already?

On that note, if you aren't too sure what's going on with the "zombie apocalypse" and you resort to taking a fire extinguisher to the head of a person you admired, respected, and worked with for probably a period of years, wouldn't you show a little more emotion, perhaps maybe THEN showing confusion or complete confoundedness to the entire situation?

I also felt it was a little ill-timed to have scenes of protesters claiming police abuse and "shooting without incident", and also having the three cops in the specific scene be light skinned with the main protester being black.  Can we for ONCE change the roles just so that there is balance with the Force?

Still, the only character I give any two-shits about is the druggy son, but only because he's too fucked up on his drug withdrawal to make any truly bad decisions in THESE moments (not counting the choice to take drugs before the series even began).  People need to stop being so goddam stupid, and that daughter needs to be eaten by a zombie in the next episode - please.