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Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

The commercial for

JJ Mortimer

If you haven't seen the commercial for, then you haven't yet wanted to scratch your retinas with a dirty overgrown fingernail while stabbing your eardrums with sharpened chop sticks (that were gnawed sharp by the irritation in knowing that some commercial director actually thought his/her choices for spokespersons were the best choices possible).

Seriously, the guy with the large teeth and overly-obtrusive and grating voice is possibly the most annoying-sounding person I've heard on TV (and I like Gilbert Gottfried).  If I were a bartender in a night club and he ordered a drink with that voice of his, I would serve him a used Dixie cup filled with ice and spit and pay him to go fuck himself in his voice box.

And then there's that behemoth of a tattooed man with the stereotypical "tough guy deep voice".  Everything about the commercial...

...makes me love it.  I have seen it so many times now that it's become "so bad it's good" quality.  I HAVE to watch it now.  The commercial is officially the "Battlefield Earth" of commercials.