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Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

Yahoo news can suck balls.

JJ Mortimer

I occasionally go to the Yahoo news website to take a quick glance at the "top stories" for the day.  This morning, I scrolled down to see what "news" was the most talked-about for the day.  Stories about a mom seeing something funny on her son's Facebook page (the son's name is also Orion, for God's sake), Nicki Minaj not wearing a wig, a couple sports stories about quarreling players and/or coaches, a discussion of a scene from the most recent "Game of Thrones" episode, a review of some film called "The Other Woman", and a declaration of a battle between the newest phones from Samsung and Apple were MORE IMPORTANT than Russia invading the Ukraine today.

The invasion was 28 stories down on the fucking list, narrowly beating the 29th most important story for the day - actor Andrew Garfield getting his hair cut.  Now, I understand that the majority of people prefer to enjoy their news, and not everyone wants to delve into the dreary, dark sides of daily life and worldwide affairs that may affect the future of their very own lives and their children's well-being in a world on the brink of fucking war, and that's OK.  But...seriously.

Knowing that Michelin is having a sale on tires does not outweigh events that could potentially pertain to war - a war in which the United States may find itself knowingly becoming a part of.  By God, if that's not more important today than knowing what sport each state is more obsessed with, than I don't want to know what is.  Maybe finding out that Nicki Minaj melted into a pile of green bile when a preacher touched her arm, because she happened to also be the demon Belphegor, could be considered pretty interesting #1 placing news.