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Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

Stop this shit (May 1st Edition) - "Weapon" control

JJ Mortimer

I really wish people would stop naming other potential "weapons" or tools that are still legal as fodder to why some politicians would promote gun "control" while still allowing other said objects to be readily available.

"How can you try to take the guns out of our hands but still allow protractors in schools, scissors with sharp tips, letter openers, and cigarette lighters?!"

Don't get me wrong - I support our right to own firearms through and through.  I support the NRA, and happily sport a "Don't Tread on Me" sticker for my own personal reasons.  But, your idiotic fucking argument is going to potentially get THOSE OTHERS THINGS banned as well. 

Just remember how short-sighted, ill-advised, and often un-or-mis-educated most politicians who push legislation on the banning of certain items really are.  If you give them more fodder, we will be back to eyeballing ovals when we should be drawing circles in geometry class, using those dull scissors that don't cut shit, getting paper cuts on our fingers to open junk mail about some asshole politician's re-election, and making everyone believe you lit a match because you just dropped a giant ass cloud in the kitchen. 

Support your right to own a gun, but give examples as to why owning your firearm(s) is beneficial, not by making alternative examples as to how other things aren't being focused on as "dangerous".  There are very few times where this technique even works.  Don't allow your politicians to think, "Wow, these people are correct!  ALL OF THESE THINGS SHOULDN'T EXIST!  People are ALL CRAZY and lack responsibility on a subconscious level and WE should help them by padding all their walls.  Oh, and while we're at it, everyone should wear this jacket so that they don't use your arms to accidentally grab a potentially dangerous "WEAPON" and, without their will or control, viciously stab someone 47 times with it.  AND here's some duct tape for their mouths, because words are now considered WEAPONS and shouldn't be used, either."

If the world turned into THAT, then THAT would be a good example as to how owning a firearm would be beneficial to help stop that world from happening.  That, and I fucking love firing one and knowing that if someone tried to break into my house, they would be greeted with the world's loudest flute hole.  Ah, fuck; now they're going to ban flutes.