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Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

Comedian of the Week - Louis C.K.

JJ Mortimer


Louis C.K. is hands-down the most honest and hilarious comedian working today.  Having spent years writing for numerous television shows (including early seasons of "The Simpsons", and most recently his own FX network-produced show, "Louie"), he made his mark in the pantheon of comedic expressionism by headlining some of the most unrestricted and realistic stand-up specials I've ever witnessed.  Louis C.K. somehow manages to stay away from most common comedy tropes and themes, yet finds humor in the darkest places of the human psyche (including his scathing portrayal of what it's like to raise his daughters and what is going through his mind during all the bullshit he puts up with).  He shies away from no subject and is first to acknowledge his shortcomings in life, which in turn is probably what makes it so easy for the audience to connect and agree with him and his points-of-view.

This bit of comedic genius, entitled "Of Course...But Maybe", is from his most recent stand-up special, "Oh My God", in which he talks about some horrible things that are CLEARLY horrible, but may actually have another point-of-view to consider.  Digest.