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Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

JJ Mortimer

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", or "Halo of Duty 4: Battle Titan" as it should be called, considering the major cash cow the FPS (first person shooter) genre has become in modern video gaming, and how identical they are all beginning to feel.

My love for any genre of video game (or movie, for that matter) only goes so far until the third, fourth, or in this case, 117th (or so it seem) iteration has been released.  Many people had a love for the series that lasted up until either "Modern Warfare 2" or the first "Black Ops", and many of the 'true believers' in the series even jumped ship at the latest installment, "Ghosts".  "World at War" was so difficult in the single player at parts that it almost made me consider studying in the advancement of artificial intelligence so that my television could become sentient, and I could then passionately murder it and feel some kind of satisfaction from doing so.  I had fun playing all of them but "Modern Warfare 3" (which I never purchased because I was too busy with what felt like the ninth "Halo" game), but the longevity of my interest only went about three months this most current time around. 

In earlier versions, I went an entire year invested into the multiplayer aspect of the game, enjoying the rush of fighting head-to-head with expletive-spurting, school-failing thirteen-year olds who apparently have a doctorate in the advanced studies in mental deficiencies considering how often they called me "retard."  The experience was great, but seriously became repetitive to the point that each game began to feel like a simple 'mod' updating the prior entry, and not like an entirely advanced new product.

"Advanced Warfare", on the other hand, cares not for the "Call of Duty fatigue" many players are feeling.  Activision and Sledgehammer hired Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey to play a character in the game, using motion capture footage that makes him look either SO good or SO fucking creepy as to make Tom Hanks in "The Polar Express" appear comforting.

I for one truly wish Infinity Ward and Activision would take some time off from producing these games, before they fall into the Madden effect (releasing a game every year for 14 years until people realize you are just releasing the same game each time, but with new player names and numbers on the back of their prison uniforms).  This new game will no doubt be enjoyable to play, but for how long?  Before you feed the masses, you need to make them salivate their palate a little before shoving an entire pumpkin pie down their throat. 

I am beginning to choke on the dryness of "Call of Duty".  I need some milk.