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Positive Movie Review Blurb

JJ Mortimer

Some people ask me why I give so many favorable movie reviews.

"Nearly every movie you review gets a 'thumbs up' or a four-star review from you.  How can we trust your judgment?"

My response:  "Did you also like the movie I gave a four-star rating to?"


"Then there's your answer."

The reason I give so many favorable reviews (on average, the films I review have a 3-and-a-half star rating) is because I watch a lot of good films.  At this present time, I don't have the ability to see every movie that is released in the theater.  Marvel or huge franchise blockbuster movies aside, more often than not I see a new film on the Sunday of the weekend it is released (which I used to see the midnight before, but lately it has become the policy of many theaters and distributors to allow Friday-released films to be screened around 7pm on Thursday nights which is fantastic for my sleep schedule).  This gives me time to feel what the general populace is thinking about a particular set of films, which allows me the chance to determine which one would be more worth my time and money to see.  Sure, there's a bit of ethical "critic" choices to be had here, but I'm not a professional critic - I'm a film goer just like you and your friends, so I tend to be wise and pick the films that aren't going to waste my time.

The reason I say all of this is because we are approaching the Thanksgiving/Christmas movie season, where many Academy Award-bait films are being released.  This is the time when production companies reserve the best-of-the-best to be seen just before the Oscar ballots are handed out, and for their best product to be remembered in the eyes of old people who would bestow golden naked dudes with swords upon their films and film makers.  Chances are, there are going to be a lot more four-star-rated film reviews in the coming weeks.

I don't hand out favorable reviews willy-nilly.  But, I will start adding alternative rating sub-headings to give people a better idea of how I feel about a film.  For example, I may give a film the best review of the year, but then I might add at the bottom of the review whether I would purchase the film in Blu-Ray upon its home video release, to which I might say "no purchase."  This does not mean it is actually a bad or boring film, but it just may not have the rewatchability of a lesser, summer popcorn flick that I gave only a three-star rating to.

In finality, just enjoy the next couple months.  There are gong to be a shit-ton of great films coming out, and all of them may be fantastic.  But, to see if you actually like a film that I reviewed quite highly, you may need to read between the lines and determine if you will like it as well.