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Peacemaker Reviews UPDATE!


Here's where you'll find things that annoy me and things that I feel like ranting about.

Peacemaker Reviews UPDATE!

JJ Mortimer


Missing, I've been.  Back, I will be.

I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from movie reviews since this summer, and for a reason that most of you can relate when you get a bit bored - I've just not been in the mood or motivated enough to review films that are plainly "good" or "passable."  What I crave more than anything else is a film that's expected to be good, but from out of left field is so bat shit horrendous and terrible that I just have to vent my opinion on my distaste for the movie.

I've seen a lot of "good" films these past couple months, and even a few disappointments, but nothing made me want to sit down and actually put my feelings to words.  Part of that is for the aforementioned reasoning, but I must also include that, once again, I've become a bit jaded by "Big Hollywood" and their penchant for strictly making money by "any means necessary, instead of the need to dazzle audiences.  Hollywood producers have become fantastic at casting the veil over my eyes, making me think that what I've just seen was "great," when in fact, upon further dissection, all I saw WAS just a product to sell toys, kid's meals, and over-priced 3D surcharges on already over-priced movie theater tickets.

Luckily, and hopefully, this is the time of year when the real contenders come out to play.  I'm not referring to award "contenders," but films that are contending for my ultimate readmission into the wonder that is FILM MAKING.  Of the bigger-budgeted motion pictures to review, my return to the written form of film criticism (until I can gather enough funding to get myself up and running and into the video format of film reviewing) will be this Friday after my viewing of The Last Jedi.

How fitting, that a sequel to one of the original films that made me love movies so much will be released and ready for me to see this week.  Regardless of whether I think it's great film making or not, The Last Jedi will retain some of that wonder that I've carried with me since my single-digit years of childhood.  I hope Jedi does not disappoint, and I can't wait to give you guys the words that convey how I feel about a tent-pole of modern film making.  Either that, or I will tell you all about the giant shit cheeseburger I just ate with my eyeballs.