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Upcoming Video Game Releases That Are Going to Steal My Money

Video Games & UFC

Upcoming Video Game Releases That Are Going to Steal My Money

JJ Mortimer

I love this time of year, not only because the best movies are released, but the best video games are also released.  And almost, ALMOST, too many of them to play.

In the coming weeks we get:

1)  "Dragon Age: Inquisition" - the game I'm looking forward to most because I am a huge fan of the prior games AND of the story and lore.  I have also loved the music in these games, showing that more effort and care has been going into the audio of video games than the audio in a majority of movies that demanded good musical scores.  "Dragon Age" never disappointed, and I have hopes that this new game will bring me back into its world with a memorable cue.

2)  "Far Cry 4" - the third game was one of the best first person shooter/RPGs I've ever played, despite playing a character that is the biggest douche in the jungle.  Sniping in "Far Cry 3" was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I've had in a first-person shooter, and I'm hoping that given the Nepalese setting of this fourth game, we can get some cliff-diving head shots under our belt.

3)  Next-gen release for "Grand Theft Auto 5" - been playing a lot of the XBOX 360 version online, and I'm very curious to see the differences the XBOX One brings to the table (especially with the load times, because gawdamn).  Playing through the story for a second time could be pretty fun, despite having the lamest mini games from any of the "GTA" games (seriously, yoga?).

4)  "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter" - I hesitated to put this game on the list only because the series didn't seem to progress forward in a positive way with "Ghosts", but I have some minimal hopes that making this game more futuristic won't in any way rip off "Titanfall".  Not at all...  Should still be fun for a few weeks, as long as the story mode is longer and more fulfilling.

5)  "The Evil Within" - just released on the day of this writing, I will simply give my money over to it based on the fact that Bethesda Softworks produced it.


EARLY NEXT YEAR, we also get:

6) "The Witcher 3" - I must admit, I didn't finish the second game and had actually wanted to, but other games pulled me away.  Hopefully, amidst all these other game releases, I will give it time again to prepare for the third game in what I felt was a truly ambitious game, both graphically and in story.  The cut scene reveal trailer was also pretty badass, and I understand that in no way does it represent how the game will actually play, but if it looks anything like the older-generation game did, this game will be awesome.

7)  "Evolve" - from the makers of "Left 4 Dead".  No more expression is necessary.


ON A SIDE NOTE, I am not a fan of the "Assassin's Creed" games, so I will not be purchasing "Unity" unless someone buys a copy for me.  I don't like spending what feels like real time horseback riding from one town to the next in what feels like a fifty-mile journey.  I must admit, though, that the "jacking-off glitch" from one of the previous games IS pretty hilarious.

I also already beat the last three "Halo" games, so there's really no need to get an updated version of "The Master Chief Collection".  Maybe if the price goes down on it, but I want to spend the majority of my time on newer games (and the online "GTA 5").