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Video Games & UFC

Champions should fight the most

JJ Mortimer

This is completely opinionated (obviously, considering it's my site and fuck you), but I feel that if you become champion of a certain division in any MMA organization, you should be REQUIRED to fight more often than you did when you were fighting to get the title shot.

Being a champion should not be a cushy job.  Sure, you are always in the mindset that a target is consistently on your back and EVERYONE below your ranking wants to take what you have, and poor ole' you needs to live with that stress, but the position should be the equivalent of a first assistant director on a movie set:  You get paid well, people know you kick ass at what you do, but you are ALWAYS working because you are on set every day.  You are always stressed out.  Being a champion should not be like an executive producer who typically MAYBE visits a set once or twice during production, yet you make a triceratops-sized shit-load of money.

While injuries do occur, I don't want to see Cain Velasquez or Anthony Pettis fight once every 10-15 months.  I don't want to see Dominick Cruz labeled as "Bantamweight Champion" during two years of inactivity before finally being stripped of his belt.  Donald Cerrone has the right state of mind, telling the UFC brass he would like to fight five times this year.  CHAMPIONS SHOULD BE REQUESTING THAT.

Lastly, it shouldn't fucking matter who is fighting for the belt.  If fucking Joe "Dickhead" Schmoe gets a title shot after one split decision victory and a record of 14-11, AND knocks out Mr. "I Fight Less Frequently Than the Number of Times Christmas Arrives Each Year" Champion, then he deserves the belt.  And he should have an immediate rematch withing three months TOPS.

Seriously, last lastly, I believe we will get better title fights if guys who don't necessarily deserve it get the shot on a moment's notice.  I think the majority of the time we will see guys who fight with more passion and heart than the guys who got the shot because they felt they "deserved it."  The workmen deserve the shots.  The lazy men can just hand over their belt and go take a cruise in their Wednesday Bentley.