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UFC Fight Night - Brown vs. Silva Predictions

Video Games & UFC

UFC Fight Night - Brown vs. Silva Predictions

JJ Mortimer

Both men look like they need more fiber in their diets.

Both men look like they need more fiber in their diets.

A few predictions for this Saturday's fight card, many fights of which I don't have any real investment in but will watch because I'm a fan of MMA:

1.  Matt Brown vs. Erik Silva - Brown will defeat Silva via TKO in the second round.

Erik Silva is so hot-and-cold in his performances, choosing to be "creative" with his striking and failing miserably in one fight (versus Dong Hyun Kim), and then looking explosive and fantastic in another (against Jason High).  On the other hand, Matt Brown is a granite-chinned hyena who will laugh in the face of Silva and beat the ever-living shit out of him.  Also, judging by patterns on Erik Silva's fight history, he has exchanged losses and victories back and forth for six straight fights, while Brown has WON six straight fights (five of which were KO/TKO victories).

2.   Lorenz Larkin vs. Costas Philippou - Philippou will defeat Larkin via unanimous decison (29-28).  Lay-and-pray on both men's parts (pun both intended and not intended) will make this an uneventful match-up.

3.  Erik Koch vs. Daron Cruickshank - Cruickshank will defeat Koch via TKO (referee stoppage) in the second round.  Probably with knees.  Probably to the face.

4.  Soa Palelei vs. Ruan Potts - Palelei will win via sloppy, gassed-out, fat-man decision.

5.  Eddie Wineland will defeat Johnny Eduardo by the simple fact that he's awesome and carries his hands so low as to raise suspicion that he doesn't give a shit about his memory of fourth grade math.  That's a scary dude who fights like that.

6.  Nik Lentz will defeat Manny Gamburyan because Manny trains with Ronda Rousey, and I can't stand that bitch right now, so I give the edge simply to Lentz for that reason alone.

Lastly, Erik Silva, Erik Koch, and Nik Lentz all have names in this odd pattern of omitting the letter "c".  At least Johnny Eduardo spells his name common-like with more than one "n" - unlike Johny Hendricks (which to me reads "Joan-y Hendricks".  I can't help it)..