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UFC on Fox 12 - Lawler vs. Brown PREDICTIONS

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UFC on Fox 12 - Lawler vs. Brown PREDICTIONS

JJ Mortimer

By JJ Mortimer

UFC on Fox 12 should continue the string of fantastic free cards, when compared to the initial lack of quality of the majority of PPV cards we've been given this year.  Granted, Dillashaw winning the Bantamweight Championship and Machida putting on a hell of a fight against Weidman were great PPV moments this year, but overall, the truly great CARDS have been coming from these free events.

Saturday night will be no different, as Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown smash each other's faces in what is sure to be an early contender for Fight of the Year, and worthy of our PPV money had it actually been a "pay event".

MAIN EVENT:  Robbie Lawler versus Matt Brown

If you love Hollywood-style movie stories surrounding fighters, than Matt Brown is the guy to root for.  He is on a seemingly impossible streak of wins, and fights in a way that very few other fighters perform.  He grinds, constantly pushes forward, and never stops or allows for a boring fight.  He's also like a good old-fashioned blue collar FIGHTER, and not just some guy who has good abs and wears gloves to occasionally hold someone on the ground.  He truly is the definition of a fighter.

On the other hand, Robbie Lawler is a similar kind of pit bull.  You put both of these men in a cage together, and neither of them are really going to be the main aggressor - they are both going to push each other to the limit.  One dog versus another dog, and all you'll see are torn throats and pools of blood.

Only downside is, I feel this may be Matt Brown's time to fall.  I am hoping he can pull out the victory, but Robbie is a smart fighter, and will take advantage of the supposed (and often displayed) weakness of Brown's ability to take body shots. 

PREDICTION:  ROBBIE LAWLER will defeat Matt Brown via TKO in Round 3.


CO-MAIN EVENT:  Anthony "Rumble" Johnson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogeira

Simply put, Little Nog hasn't fought in over a year-and-a-half, and Anthony Johnson is a man with new respect for the game, and vicious disposition who has been active in a weight class that is now comfortable to him.  Nogeira's span in the UFC has been very lackluster, and his fight with Rashad Evans was one of the most unexpectedly boring fights from last year.  Anthony Johnson is on a streak, and is going to be too powerful for the aging Nogeira. 

I can see Johnson being a bit tentative in the opening minutes, but by the end of the first, he will be in full swing and will drive a punch into the floor, which just so happens to be blocked by Nogeira's face.  All Johnson has to do is not get rear-naked choke (the only method he's ever lost a fight to, in reality).

PREDICTION:  ANTHONY JOHNSON will defeat Little Nog via TKO in Round 2.


Clay Guida vs. Dennis Bermudez

Ever since Greg Jackson taught Clay Guida how not to lose a fight, he's actually at times become a bit of a boring fighter.  No matter what, I still look forward to watching him.  Both he and Bermudez are active fighters, and Bermudez is on a six-fight win streak, but for some reason I see Guida coming out on top on this one with his superior conditioning, which is a difficult call because this fight can go the exact other way for the exact same reason.

PREDICITON:  CLAY GUIDA will defeat Dennis Bermudez via split decision.


Bobby Green vs. Josh Thomson

GREEN will defeat the now-out-of-temporary-retirement Thomson via unanimous decision.


Jorge Masvidal vs. Daron Cruickshank

CRUICKSHANK will defeat Masvidal via TKO (head kick and punches).


Kyle Kingsbury vs. Patrick Cummins

KINGSBURY will defeat Cummins via unanimous decision.