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Video Games & UFC

Video Games, Bitches!

JJ Mortimer

I'm going to add video games to this section now.  I'm personally fed up with the UFC Fight Pass bullshit enough for me to stop reporting on the majority of MMA events.  I will still put my two cents in when I deem it fit, but more of my spare time has been spent getting lost in the world of RPGs, sandbox games, and indie platformers for me to find it pertinent to lend my perceptions in that field to people who may also have an interest in my take on current and not-so-current video games.

Currently, I'm playing almost exclusively RPGs on the XBOX 360, and will soon upgrade to the XBOX One in order to give a personal view on two upcoming next-gen adventures:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, a Lord of the Rings-based game surrounding a tale outside of the words of Tolkien (release date September 30) is a game taking place during the Third Age between the events of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring.  Ive been watching some behind-the-scenes footage on the making of this game, and the detail looks great.  My main point of interest is on the consequences of how you play - a lot of the actions you make in the game apparently play a lot on how the story progresses, along with the development of character interactions at later times in the game.  Should be fun.

The second game is one that was destined for next-gen consoles:  Dragon Age: Inquisition (November 18). 

I've played the other two Dragon Age games and enjoyed them both immensely, albeit for different reasons.  The first had a more engaging story and soundtrack, but the battle system was a bit faulty, as was the more hack-n-slash version of the second game.  I think I enjoyed the changed system of the second game better than most other fans of the series did, but the repetitive dungeons took away a little of the overall enjoyment.

But, what gets me most excited about the third in the series is strictly based on the fact that both previous games' stories, at least for me, gave me the sensation of watching an HBO miniseries.  I became attached to the characters I created, and strove to create good people who made good decisions.  I'm not one to play an RPG and choose the "asshole" responses in dialogue wheels, and the stories of the Dragon Age world always kept me wanting create something good in the Darkspawn-infested world.

I also feel that Dragon Age: Inquisition will look where it belongs on the next-gen console.  The other games were relatively watered-down in their graphical approach, but a lot of those holes were easily filled by imagination.  This game will probably not have the same problem.  What's also exciting is the addition of a customizable keep that will act as a hub for your character during your adventures, as well as added depth to the consequences of your actions (similar to Shadow of Mordor), which developer Bioware has said has a deeper value than the previous games.

I can't wait for either of them, and am expecting these, as well as the next-gen updated Grand Theft Auto 5 to take all the spare time I have (away from all my non-jiu jitsu endeavors).  Autumn and winter, here we come!