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Random Bits of UFC Bitching

Video Games & UFC

Random Bits of UFC Bitching

JJ Mortimer

Random bits of shit (in regards to UFC/MMA) that got on my nerves for whatever arguable reason at the moment:

1)  If I have to hear Gilbert Melendez say "score points" to his fighter during a bout on this women's-only season of The Ultimate Fighter, I may actually shit rocks.  Or, better yet, I want to see one of them knock her opponent the fuck out as he's instructing her to score those bullshit-in-the-eyes of fans "points".  It's not about points - it's about damage.  Make damage.  When a demolitions crew sledgehammers a wall, they aren't hitting it to score points; they are swinging to bust a fucking hole in that shit, leaving nothing for the contractor to do.

2)  The lack of heavyweight fights on the pay-per-view cards is astounding.  All of the fun bouts (the giant, near-300 pound behemoths who are great for the first minute-forty-five, who then become giant lumps of shit) are left to Fight Pass events or free cards.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching fights for free, but you give me no incentive to pay for a card when the fun bouts are already free the week before.

3)  Over-saturation is waning my interest.  One PPV a month was an EVENT.  Now, it's just a Wednesday and Friday. 

4)  The fighters in Bellator are fighting like they are trying to entertain the fans more than the majority of fighters in the UFC are.

5)  I know shit happens, but the amount of champion injuries is aggravating.  Cain hurt himself.  Aldo hurt himself.  Weidman hurt himself.  Jones hurt himself.  My head hurts.  Give me a fucking fight to cure this ache.

6)  MMA judging is for the shits.  A new scoring system is a must.

7)  I hate the number of fighters, especially the great ones, who are going to the dumps because of past domestic problems (especially involving abuse of a woman).  Part of me wants the media to stay uninvolved so that we can see good fights, but the other socially and moralistically responsible side wants them to not have been so fucking stupid in the first place by making fighters look like they're all bullies.

8)  Make weight, you pieces of shit!  If you don't understand the Imperial system of measurements and weights, LEARN IT because it is part of your job.  We do not use kilograms in sporting in the United States.

9)  I know it's a bit old now, but the Stephan Bonnar/Tito Ortiz debacle in the cage at Bellator was exactly the kind thing I had NEVER HOPED would happen if MMA went mainstream.  I had respect for Scott Coker and what he did with Strikeforce, but this bullshit was ridiculous.


That's it for now, thank God.