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Video Games & UFC

Champions should fight the most

JJ Mortimer

This is completely opinionated (obviously, considering it's my site and fuck you), but I feel that if you become champion of a certain division in any MMA organization, you should be REQUIRED to fight more often than you did when you were fighting to get the title shot.

Being a champion should not be a cushy job.  Sure, you are always in the mindset that a target is consistently on your back and EVERYONE below your ranking wants to take what you have, and poor ole' you needs to live with that stress, but the position should be the equivalent of a first assistant director on a movie set:  You get paid well, people know you kick ass at what you do, but you are ALWAYS working because you are on set every day.  You are always stressed out.  Being a champion should not be like an executive producer who typically MAYBE visits a set once or twice during production, yet you make a triceratops-sized shit-load of money.

While injuries do occur, I don't want to see Cain Velasquez or Anthony Pettis fight once every 10-15 months.  I don't want to see Dominick Cruz labeled as "Bantamweight Champion" during two years of inactivity before finally being stripped of his belt.  Donald Cerrone has the right state of mind, telling the UFC brass he would like to fight five times this year.  CHAMPIONS SHOULD BE REQUESTING THAT.

Lastly, it shouldn't fucking matter who is fighting for the belt.  If fucking Joe "Dickhead" Schmoe gets a title shot after one split decision victory and a record of 14-11, AND knocks out Mr. "I Fight Less Frequently Than the Number of Times Christmas Arrives Each Year" Champion, then he deserves the belt.  And he should have an immediate rematch withing three months TOPS.

Seriously, last lastly, I believe we will get better title fights if guys who don't necessarily deserve it get the shot on a moment's notice.  I think the majority of the time we will see guys who fight with more passion and heart than the guys who got the shot because they felt they "deserved it."  The workmen deserve the shots.  The lazy men can just hand over their belt and go take a cruise in their Wednesday Bentley.

UFC 172 - Jones vs. Teixeira Results

JJ Mortimer

Teixeira forgot that kicking was allowed in MMA.

Teixeira forgot that kicking was allowed in MMA.

Here are the results of UFC 172!  Included are my predictions compared to the actual results. 

1.  Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira:  PREDICTION:  JONES defeats Teixeira by TKO in Round 3 (elbows and punches).  ACTUAL:  JONES defeats Teixeira by unanimous decision.

Light Heavyweight Champion Jon "Bones" Jones looked pretty damn good tonight.  He continues his improvised-style striking abilities to showcase a variety of elbows, knees, kicks and punches that come from all angles.  While Glover Teixeira was able to catch him with a few shots amidst the five-round battle (most notably hard uppercuts from the clinch), Jones never really appeared to be in any danger. 

One thing that does annoy the fuck out of me, but appears to be an effective technique, is that open-hand reaching from Jones that caught Teixeira twice in the form of an eye poke.  Techniques like this are what makes the argument for no open-fingered gloves a valid issue.

2.  Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson:  PREDICTION:  DAVIS defeats Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28).  ACTUAL:  JOHNSON defeats Davis by unanimous decision (30-27).

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is finally in the weight class he belongs.  The muscle that guy holds belongs on a small horse.  His punches are like the kicks said horse throws on assholes trying to hit him.  He's a monster, and Phil Davis looked like a younger brother trying his best to impress his overly-domineering father against a bigger, more athletic older brother.  Johnson was a Ferrari comfortably set in third gear driving along the coast, while Davis was a Pinto stuck in second gear, going uphill.  Are these doing anything to paint a picture for you?  I would not be upset if Johnson got the next shot against Jones, but it won't happen yet.

3.  Tim Boetsch vs. Luke Rockhold:  PREDICTION:  ROCKHOLD defeats Boetsch by unanimous decision.  ACTUAL:  ROCKHOLD defeats Boetsch by submission (kimura) in Round One.

Both men are beasts at 185, but Rockhold just shows he had the upper hand by immediately trapping Boetsch in a topside triangle, and isolating an arm and twisting the kimura so hard he should have made a wish first.

4.  Joseph Benavidez vs. Tim Elliot:  PREDICTION:  BENAVIDEZ defeats Elliot by TKO (knees and body punches).  ACTUAL:  BENAVIDEZ defeats Elliot by submission (guillotine choke) in Round One.

Tim Elliot's caveman style was no match for Benavidez, whose crisp choking techniques should be expected considering he trains with a team of other choking mammals.

5.  Jim Miller vs. Yancy Madeiros:  PREDICTION:  MILLER defeats Madeiros by submission (arm bar).  ACTUAL:  MILLER defeats Madeiros by submission (guillotine choke) in Round One.

Seriously, Jim Miller should have had a title shot by now.  It appears to not matter what skill you have on the ground, or what level of jiu jitsu you have achieved, because he will submit you in a heart beat if the thought of it tastes good in his mouth at that moment.  Speaking of tasteful, I did like that he celebrated in a subdued manner as the unconscious body of Yancy Madeiros lied upon him as the referee worked to bring him back to consciousness. 


In the end, I went 4-for-5 on my predictions of the winners (80% success rate).


The prelims were fantastic, as Chris Beal and Danny Castillo achieved "Performance of the Night" victories with their respective knockouts.  Special props to Beal, whose flying knee looked like someone was holding his video game controller and pushed "Up" and "X" really hard.  Takanori Gomi and Isaac Vallie-Flagg received "Fight of the Night" honors for their sloppy, ham-fisted scrap that looked like Gomi and Flagg only trained by breathing heavily while getting hit in the face with dead fish.

UFC 172 overall grade:  B+


"UFC on Fox 11 - Werdum vs. Browne" results breakdown

JJ Mortimer

Fabricio Werdum earned his shot against Heavyweight Chamption Cain Velasquez, but still, as good as he looked against Travis Browne, he will be yet another piece of future raw steak for Cain to pummel.  Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see Werdum the new Champion, but it's just not happening.


Fabricio Werdum defeats Travis Browne by five-round unanimous decision.

In the main event of UFC on Fox 11, Werdum looked fantastic, especially when you compare his performance against Junior Dos Santos years ago (the fight that initially got him cut from the UFC and headed straight into Strikeforce).  His standup looked good, and he appeared to enjoy himself. 

Travis Browne, on the other hand, looked by the second round that his beard had sapped all his energy away from him as he threw nothing but lumbering hay-makers and head kicks.  If Greg Jackson's camp had watched tape on Werdum, they clearly did not anticipate how good "Vai Cavalo" had improved on his striking.  "Don't let him take you down," Jackson might have said to Browne.  "Cool, I'll just get punched 137 times in the fucking face instead!" Browne responds. 

Meisha Tate defeats Liz Carmouche by decision.

I would be hard-pressed to say Meisha looked better than she did against Ronda Rousey, but she continues to make the same damn mistakes as before; she lands clean strikes, and then uselessly shoots in for a clinch or takedown that results in her being placed firmly on her ass.  In the first round, she looked so relaxed I wouldn't be surprised her piss test comes back positive for extremely high levels of marijuana.  Somehow she was able to come back strong in the third round and threaten Liz with a rear-naked jaw squeeze before apparently impressing the judges enough by managing to keep her tits from popping out of her too-small fight shirt to earn a decision victory.

Donald Cerrone defeats Edson Barboza by submission (rear-naked choke) in Round One.

Cerrone continues his quest to be the next Melvin Guillard/Kenny Florian by winning enough fights impressively before losing impressively when it matters most (title shots).  Rushing in against Barboza nearly gets him knocked out before the annoying zooming-in sky cam can reach the cage to show us just what the fuck is going on.  After absorbing body shots and strong kicks from Barboza, Cerrone flattens him with a jab around the three-minute mark, and quickly secures his fallen opponent's back and sinks a deep choke to make the man tap-out aggressively like he's trying to turn off a lamp with The Clapper. 

I would like to see Cerrone put on another streak of wins like he did when he first came into the UFC, but he's got the Florian Syndrome, and I fear he will choke when (or if) he gets a title shot.

Yoel Romero looked impressive in his win over Brad Tavares.  I was impressed with him enough to agree with Joe Rogan that a future matchup between him and Middleweight Chris Weidman would be very entertaining - if you're a wrestling fan (I am).  But for now, the Olympic silver medalist will have to settle with probably getting to smash someone like Tim Boetsch or Michael Bisping before he gets close to taking home the UFC gold.

Kabib Nurgamaagmdadueovov (properly prounounced "Nurmagomedov", according to Sherdog) looked really explosive in his decision win over Rafael dos Anjos, and fights like he's on another level on par with guys like Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis and Benson "The Boredom House" Henderson.  Give him a title shot already so the fanboys can shut the fuck up.

The true highlight tonight for me was the return of Thiago Alves who, after being away from the cage for over two years and after many surgeries, looked like he hasn't missed a single step.  He emerged victorious and bloody in a decision victory over a more-bloody Seth Baczynski.  Good to have him back, because I love telling people just how awesome his right leg kicks are and there is no current evidence (except for tonight) to prove it.


Overall, the fight card was good and much better (again) than both previous pay-per-views (UFC 170 & 171).  I give it a solid:


UFC 172 Predictions

JJ Mortimer


Fight-by-Fight predicted outcomes (some more specific than others):

1.  Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira:  JONES defeats Teixeira by TKO in Round 3 (elbows and punches).

2.  Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson:  DAVIS defeats Johnson by unanimous decision (29-28).

3.  Tim Boetsch vs. Luck Rockhold:  ROCKHOLD defeats Boetsch by unanimous decision.

4.  Joseph Benavidez vs. Tim Elliot:  BENAVIDEZ defeats Elliot by TKO (knees and body punches)

5.  Jim Miller vs. Yancy Madeiros:  MILLER defeats Madeiros by submission (arm bar).